Best Craft Beers

Sandbar Sundaytm

A perfectly crafted American Wheat Ale, that gives your fun in the sun day and everyday the drinkability it's always needed.  Just add a key lime and this brew is perfectly paired with light seafood & poultry. The American hop varieties will impart a mild spice note and a subtle island citrus character. Great to pair with your catch of the day.  ABV: 4.75%  IBU:16 SRM: 14.8

Islamorada aletm

A simply brewed Citrus Ale that is just what the "doctor” ordered for a hot day in the sun. It is the perfect recipe of hops and natural citrus flavors that will get you back on your feet and into the nearest boat. The ideal complement for a long day of island running. Islamorada Ale pairs perfectly with spicy foods and shellfish. ABV: 5.00%  IBU:19.5 SRM: 14.8

channel marker ipaTM

This IPA does not need a compass to point you in the right direction to return to the islands. The flavors of this Session IPA will getyou to sit, relax, and enjoy the beautiful islandsunset from any local spot. Channel Marker IPA pairs perfectly with cracked conch. ABV: 5.18%  IBU:26 SRM: 14.8

Old Road IPAtm

A secret amongst locals on the rock, this Old Road Coffee IPA can get you where you are going in a hurry.  Don’t wait in long lines to enjoy the full flavors of roasted coffee & complex hops inside this IPA.  Once you enjoy a full pint, you’ll see why the locals keep it a secret. ABV: 6.70%  IBU:62 SRM: 14.8

Best craft beers in town. We also have guest taps from local brewers!


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